3 underrated prospects the Flyers must consider taking with the 31st or 32nd pick in the NHL Draft

The 2024 NHL Draft will commence on June 28th, and the Philadelphia Flyers have the 12th and the 31st or 32nd pick and a ton of options.
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The Philadelphia Flyers will hold the 31st or 32nd pick in the 2024 NHL Draft, as the Florida Panthers finally won their first Stanley Cup. While this will technically be the second pick for the Flyers as they also have their own pick at No. 12, there could be a few prospects freefalling, and general manager Daniel Briere can scoop one of them up. 

It’s the likely scenario, but what if we instead discussed a few prospects who don’t look like future first-round picks, even if it would be wise for Briere to at least entertain the possibility of drafting them? And no, not at the 51st overall pick either, even if the three names listed in this article could be available with that pick - Keyword: Could. 

Instead, let’s further discuss what would make them better than the 51st, or wherever they’re ultimately projected to land come Day 2 of the NHL Draft, and why Briere could land a steal even if he “reached” for them at 32nd overall. 

John Mustard, LW/Waterloo

John Mustard would drop substantially further than the 31st or 32nd pick if Tankathon’s mock draft as of June 19th holds any water come draft day, but he should warrant earlier consideration. Mustard comes with respectable size at 6’0, 185 pounds, he has a late birthday (still 17 at the time of this writing), and he had an outstanding lone season with the USHL’s Waterloo Black Hawks. 

Throughout 60 regular season games with the Black Hawks, Mustard ended the year with 56 points and 29 goals, showing us that he could more than withstand the competition following his time with the 16U AAA New Jersey Avalanche. 

So what would make Mustard more worthy of either the 31st or 32nd pick or even the 51st pick if he were there for the taking? Oh, and just to be clear, Tankathon has him slated to go 52nd to the Washington Capitals. 

For one, he’s a prospect whose energy never seems to run out, and that’s huge when you combine productivity with a high-octane player, regardless of the situation. Some players have high-upside ability when their team has the puck, while others take a simpler approach with a high compete level. But then there are players like Mustard, who have an elite blend of both traits, those any NHL general manager should crave to have in their prospects pool.