What happens if the Flyers miss the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Philadelphia Flyers v Montreal Canadiens
Philadelphia Flyers v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

Perhaps the Philadelphia Flyers have been flying too close to the sun this year. They've had a moderately successful season. However, we knew it would happen like this. The team would somehow break our hearts. We're used to this in Philly. The Eagles collapsed down the stretch this year. The Phillies lost an NLCS they were supposed to win. The Sixers will find some way to have an early exit in the playoffs, as usual.

But is this such a bad thing if the Flyers don't make it? Will it be such a terrible thing for the Orange and Black to sit the playoffs out for one more year? Let's examine why losing might not be a bad thing.

Better Draft Pick

John Tortorella and Daniel Briere have stated that this team is not tanking. Tanking breeds a losing atmosphere (hello Arizona and Ottawa!) that is hard to shake off. A losing attitude is hard to get rid of. So is complacency. We've seen this as the team had gotten used to losing over the last 10 years and not being successful.

However, they are tanking. They are trying to fight their way into the playoffs. But if they can't get in, they will get a fairly decent draft pick. They won't crack the top 10, but a mid-level pick might not be bad. And if the Flyers are shopping Scott Laughton, they could package two first-round picks to crack the top 5.

Bad Taste in Their Mouths

Last year, nobody expected the Flyers to do much of anything and they achieved that. The team spent the offseason shedding some dead weight. This year, everyone expected they would be among the worst teams in the NHL.

Instead, they were fairly successful all year. They came close to making the playoffs. They were helped by teams in their division that had a lot of injuries and stumbled out of the gate. Some of those teams, like the Capitals, got their acts together and got it right at the right time of the season. This means the Flyers could be out.

However, this is not a team that will take this lying down. If you pay attention to Philadelphia sports, you know things in the Eagles locker room are not well. This team is upset at their epic collapse in December. Likewise, you will see this happen with this group.

The vast majority of this team are young and have never tasted the Stanley Cup playoffs. They are hungry and improving. Players like Owen Tippett, Tyson Foerster, and Joel Farabee will want to return next year, build off this season, and clean up some unfinished business.

Tortorella's Sermons

All year, John Tortorella has been pushing this team. He has been saying that this team is filled with winning talent. They came so very close this year. Next year, they will return hungrier for more. They will have most of the team returning. They will have more money in the salary cap, They might be able to get more talent or extend Travis Konecny.

No matter what, it all starts with Tortorella. He's been super positive about this team, even since last year. Many guys have had career years this season. Since many players are young, we can see and hope that this trend will continue. Buying into what Tortorella has been preaching all year, they have gotten better. They are almost there. This rebuild is almost over.

If they can return next year with a more stable goalie situation and a healthy defense, they will make the playoffs. If they can return to the playoffs, they will make some noise.