Philadelphia Flyers Draft: 2015 NHL Draft Preview

The Philadelphia Flyers are on-the-clock at 7th overall tonight in the draft, and pick multiple times after that. There are a lot of needs on the Flyers’ list that they would like to see filled by the end of the draft, and I will lay out some of the most obvious ones here. We will also look at some trade options to maybe move up, move down, or just move salary- which the latter the Flyers definitely want to do.

Now, there are many options for the Flyers tonight, and opportunities to make a trade will be plenty. The Flyers have defensemen to move to clear up the logjam there, and are possibly looking to move up a couple spots to secure getting the player they want. We all want to see the Flyers be much better than last year, so I believe they should do anything to get their guys. It seems reasonable, however, they may not have to, if a pick or two in front of them goes their way.

Lets take a look at what you need to know for tonight:


The Flyers own the rights to the following picks:


1st Round – #7 overall, #29 overall (from Tampa Bay)


2nd Round – #61 overall (from Chicago)

3rd Round – #70 overall (from San Jose), #90 overall (from Tampa Bay)

4th Round – #98 overall, #99 overall (from Columbus)

5th Round – #128 overall

6th Round – #158 overall

7th Round –  #188 overall

Here’s to hoping one of these picks turns into a superstar for the Flyers!


A Scoring Winger

The Flyers are in a BIG need for a scoring winger, or even just a top winger prospect. They will definitely try to fill that need in the first two rounds, whether it is at #7 or higher, or at #29. At #7, Lawson Crouse and Mikko Rantanen are big, skilled power-forwards that could be available for the Flyers to take. They’re both good players in their own ways, with Rantanen being considered better offensively and Crouse a better skater. Crouse has met twice with the Flyers, so there is definitely high interest from the Flyers in him.

Take a look at some highlights for both guys:

Lawson Crouse:

Mikko Rantanen:

A Top Pairing Defenseman

The Flyers are most definitely looking for a defenseman in the first round, whether it is with the 7th or 29th pick is up to them and how the draft goes. Philadelphia needs help sooner rather than later on defense, and it may be smart to add a potential superstar prospect to the already stacked defensive prospect pile. Top options for the Flyers at #7 on defense could be Ivan Provorov or Zachary Werenski, with Provorov being highly coveted by GM Ron Hextall himself.

Provorov is everything the Flyers seemingly like in defenseman. He’s very smart, very quick, and very physical. So there’s no question the Flyers are interested. Frank Seravalli of the Daily News even mentioned a report that a source of his says the Flyers’ WHL scout has been pleading with Hextall to move up in the draft to ensure they get Provorov.

Werenski is another story. He has flown under the radar as of late, and has been in the shadow of Noah Hanifin, who is mostly regarded as the top defensive prospect. Werenski is still a skilled puck mover and plays a great offensive game.

Check out highlights of both guys below:

Ivan Provorov:

Zach Werenski:


There’s already been some rumors going around about trades in league. So far, the only rumors have been the Coyotes and the 3rd overall pick. It has been speculated on many fronts that the Flyers are looking into moving up to secure drafting one of the top defensive prospects, Hanifin or Provorov.

It would most likely take at least our #7 pick and a good player from the Flyers, maybe even the 29th overall pick included. That would be a high price to pay to ensure you get a guy you may already get at #7, unless its Hanifin they’re after. Maybe Hextall surprises us all and moves up to draft Dylan Strome or Mitch Marner? It is all still to be seen, but still a very exciting proposition!



ROUND 1: Friday June 26th

TV – 7:00 PM EST on NBCSN/NBC Sports Network

Livestream: NBC Live Extra

ROUND 2: Saturday June 27th

TV – 10:00 AM EST on NHL Network

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