Predicting the Pick Part I: Philadelphia Flyers will take an imposing blueliner in NHL Draft

Who the Philadelphia Flyers ultimately roll with in the 2024 NHL Draft could be the best available, and it might just be an imposing blueliner.
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In my 32-team, one-round mock draft via FC Hockey, intuition guided what I think each general manager will do at the 2024 NHL Draft. And for the Philadelphia Flyers, I was rather surprised to have seen Sam Dickinson drop to the No. 12 spot, something that may not happen on draft day

So how did Dickinson fall in this mock draft in which I did not use the simulator, as was the case with the Flyers seven-round mock this past week that saw them land a pair of high-octane blueliners - Zayne Parekh and Cole Hutson? 

One of the reasons had to do with what each general manager before Daniel Briere was on the clock would likely do next Friday. For example, we know Kent Hughes of the Montreal Canadiens loves making jaw-dropping moves, so Cole Eiserman went at No. 5. 

Rising stocks could lead the Flyers to land an imposing blueliner in NHL Draft

Right now, anything can happen, but if I had to rank the defensemen at the six days to go mark, Dickinson is the one prospect who has fallen slightly while Artyom Levshunov (No. 2 to Chicago) takes the top spot, then it’s Anton Silayev, Zeev Buium, and Zayne Parekh before we get to Dickinson, or at least that’s how I’m looking at it after conducting some deep research at one week out. 

Of course, by the time next Friday rolls around or even before that, this prediction could be irrelevant, and even if that’s the case, a blueliner not only makes sense, but it’s a position Daniel Briere will roll with regardless. He drafted one of the most outstanding forwards last season, so balancing it out with a defenseman is the preferred and logical route. 

Meanwhile, Berkly Catton (No. 6), Anton Silayev (No. 7), and Konsta Helenius (No. 8), have seen their respective stocks rise recently, and that could affect Dickinson. Tij Iginla is a prospect who could be too good for a team picking in the top 10 to pass up, so I penciled him in at No. 9 to Calgary, which left the door open for Zeev Buium and Zayne Parekh to go at No. 10 and No. 11.