What happens if the Flyers make the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

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Going into the final six games of the season, the Flyers are clinging onto a berth in the Stanley Cup playoffs. They've pretty much been in the mix since the beginning of the year. If they can survive the next few weeks, they should be able to sneak in. Considering nobody felt that the Flyers would be there (except for me), this is quite an accomplishment.

If the Flyers can hold off some surging teams (Washington Capitals, Detroit Red Wings, or the New York Islanders), they will make the playoffs. If they can earn a playoff spot, there are some things we need to know.


Honestly, they aren't getting a favorable matchup. We'll cover that in a second. Most likely, they will be the seventh or eighth-seeded team. That means they will face one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

However, if you remember, the Florida Panthers were the last team in the playoffs last year. All the Pittsburgh Penguins had to do was win one game in their last few games and they'd have clinched. Instead, they lost to the worst teams in the league. Florida snuck in and went on a magical run. It's not the seeding that matters. You have to have the guts not to give up. Which brings us to...

Gotta Get That Fight Back

Yes, the Flyers have struggled a lot recently. However, they played the top teams in the NHL in a tough six-game stretch. While they lost most of those games, they went toe-to-toe with them and forced some of them to go into overtime. They've also done this while pretty much burning Sam Ersson out.

However, nobody is complaining about this team taking the Rangers or Hurricanes to overtime. It's the embarrassing losses to Chicago and Montreal that are the problem. Those were games that the Flyers could've and should've won to pad their lead. Now, they are on the brink of being knocked out.

If they want to go into the playoffs, they have to get that swagger back. They have to get that mojo where they can be down 5-2 to the mighty Bruins and come back and push that to a 6-5 loss in the final minutes of a crazy game only to turn around next week and drop them 3-2.

This is where John Tortorella is super vital to the success of this team. He's believed in this team all year. If they listen to him, he will help them unlock their potential.

Potential Matchups

The way things are going, the Flyers would likely face the Boston Bruins or New York Rangers. Boston has taken two of the three games this season while the Rangers have defeated the Flyers in all three games they have played with one left to go.

These will not be easy matchups. However, the Panthers were down 3-1 against Boston, who had a historic season. Florida won three games to take that series and ride the momentum to the finals. We know how this works as we saw the Danny Briere-led team do the same thing in 2010.

There is a possibility that a team like that would come out looking past Philly. If the Flyers could shake off their recent rust, they could surprise a team like Boston. Most of these guys have never been in the playoffs. The season resets in a few weeks. What happened during the season will no longer matter. You take it one game at a time like Tortorella has preached all season, and you never know. This team could surprise you.